Happy greeting.card.candy.florist.jeweler.economy.stimulation Day!


I saw that posted on Facebook. It’s incredibly fitting. Probably because I wrote something similar. :D

Actually, this day is fun to share with my husband and boy’s. I usually always know what I’m getting from the hubs (view prior OCD post) and I always try to do something fun for the boys to remind them on this very commercialized day that their parent’s love them. The oldest is in middle school. The school sent out “no gifts, flowers, chocolates, etc to school. If you send them, they can’t get them until after school in the office”. What the fuck ? It’s a “distraction”. I think it’s more of the everyone-must-have-a-trophy bullshit and they don’t want anyone to feel unloved if they don’t happen to get something from someone at school. Shit, I can remember my middle school individual “carnation sale” fundraiser by the student council. Yep, all the very popular girls got BOUQUET of these damn things from their boyfriends and the nerdy stalkers that wanted to be their boyfriends. I was not in said popular girl crowd, so you could say that I’m writing this because I’m bitter. Naw, not really. Maybe I felt like shit and no one loved me back then, but it builds character dammit!!

Then there is the youngest who is in his last year of elementary school. This is the total freaking opposite. This is the “be.sure.you.find.the.most.creative.valentines.day.cards.WITH.candy.(you will be flogged if they don’t include candy).lets.pump.your.kids.full.of.artificial.colors.and.processed.sugar.with.an.over.the.top.party.sponsored.by.the.PTA.Day” Are you fucking kidding me? The pressure of getting the “right” kind of cards to hand out to your classmates is incredible. Don’t forget the teacher either. It has to be a different gift and should cost a WHOLE lot more. Oh, but then you also have the over-the-top Mom that MAKES their really crafty home made cards for their kids to hand out to their classmates with ideas from Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE PINTEREST. I tried the home made cards once…….and never did it again. To much fucking competition. I already went through rejection (see above lack of carnations in middle school) and when I didn’t live up to the “home-made” standards, you feel like total and complete shit – AGAIN!!!! Besides, this is the OCD mini-me of the hubs. It has to be perfect and store bought or it will embarrass him.

It’s a delicate balance of the force at my house.  Hug and love the people close to you, everyday, not just today. :D

THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy greeting.card.candy.florist.jeweler.economy.stimulation Day!

  1. It wasn’t TOO crazy nuts with the over the top this year. There was one that took a photo of her kid and then stuck a sucker in his hand in the photo. I can’t even remember what the cute little saying was. Another made her kiddo’s Valentine box a boxing ring that said, “You knock me out”. Whateva. Signed, sucky.uncreative.mom

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